Fundraising ideas for schools

  • Face paints out! Even the novice face painter can do a serviceable tiger, but don’t stop there – panda eyes, baboon noses, crocodile grins… Why not organise an inter-class competition? Download our Face Painting Guide and watch our films for ideas of how to get started.
  • Take the DIY challenge: Get your students to make their own animal outfits, or simply create a mask.
  • Film night: Turn your school hall into a cinema! There’s any number of wildlife-inspired family favourites to choose from – from The Jungle Book and The Lion King to Free Willy and Finding Nemo.
  • Sponsored silence. Can the children remain silent for an entire hour? A simple fundraiser to organise – and a treat for teachers!
  • Hold a wild spell-a-thon with pupils collecting donations for the number of wildlife-connected words they spell correctly. Could you get people to donate prizes for the winners? Some spelling suggestions: rhinoceros, zebra, cheetah, gazelle, chimpanzee.

 Check out our resources page for lots of resources to support Wear it Wild in your school.