Wear it Wild Youth Groups

Go wild as a group

Guides, Brownies and Rainbows, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, youth clubs and sports teams: Wear it Wild is a brilliant opportunity for fun-filled fundraising activities for your youth group. There’s no end to the animal-inspired fun and games you can get up to, inside or in the great outdoors.

  • Sponsored animal fun run: cheetahs and sloths alike can raise money to help protect threatened wildlife.
  • Get competitive with a fancy dress tug of war. Tigers vs rhinos, anyone?
  • Run a nature-inspired scavenger hunt. See how many different plants, creatures and natural features your teams can spot.
  • Get wild around a BBQ and play animal charades or “Who am I?”
  •  Animal charades: Pick an animal and act it out for the rest of the group to guess. No words allowed – but sound effects can add to the fun.
  • Animal “Who am I?”: Pin a picture of an animal to the back of each child’s T-shirt, and get them to identify their animal by asking yes or no questions: “Can I swim?”, “Can I fly?”, “Do I live in the jungle?”, “Am I predator?”
  • Sponsored beach or park clean up: Raise some money and improve your local environment at the same time.

Check out our Resources page for face-painting guides, bunting patterns, poster templates and much more.

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Wear it Wild Youth Groups