Crochet a tiger headband

Tiger crochet bandFor this easy to crochet Wear It Wild Tiger headband, you can use any yarn you’ve got in yellow and brown and a crochet hook.  I’ve used double knit yarn and a hook sized 4.5mm.

You need to measure the size of the head, normally for children it’s about 50-52 cm and for adults 55-57cm to make sure the headband your crocheting is long enough.

Cast on loosely approx. 50 chain stitches (for a child) and 70 (for an adult) with yellow yarn.  First row: double crochet into every stitch.  Go along to end of row, to return, make 2chains and then double stitch into every stitch.  Do this twice with yellow and then alternate between yellow and brown to create the stripy tiger pattern.

When you’ve made four yellow rows and three brown rows, pull the yarn through the stitch and leave an end of yarn to sew together the two ends.  You’ve got the actual headband!

Ears x 2:  Find the halfway mark on the headband and count 7 stitches along and start ear #1 by doing a slip stitch on the hook with yellow yarn.  Attach this slip stitch to head band with another single crochet.  Work 9 double crochet along the top of the headband.  Turn around, 2 chain stitches and go back into second stitch below.  Repeat 6 rows straight.  Next row you start to decrease by going straight into the second last stitch below.  Double crochet to end.  Repeat this on next row.

Cut yarn and pull through stitch.  Double crochet in brown yarn around ears.

Have fun wearing the tiger headband for Wear It Wild and not forget to share your pics with us #WearItWild