Its time to express your passion for wildlife!

#WearItWild is on Friday 20th October and we’re challenging you to get creative and #GiveAHandToWidlife. From a 60-second doodle with glued on googly eyes, to an elaborate painted portrait of your favourite animal – your wild hand creation will put a colourful spotlight on the urgent need to protect these incredible and threatened species.

To get you started, take a look at these incredible hand paintings and learn how you’ll be helping us with our vital conservation work by joining #GiveAHandToWidlife.

Share your creations with us by mentioning @wwf_uk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – be sure to include #WearItWild and #GiveAHandToWidlife.

The tigers’ range has declined by over 50% in the last three generations

Tiger hand art
Gorgeous tiger hand art © Jim Naughten

Recently we announced the fantastic news that wild tiger numbers have increased from 3,200 to just fewer than 3,900 – but there’s still a long way to go. We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to double numbers by 2022, which means we need your help! Why not have a go at recreating this tiger and #GiveAHandToWidlife.

Elephants in central Africa could be extinct in our lifetime

Elephant hand art
Amazing elephant hand art © Jim Naughten

We absolutely love this hand art of an elephant – we’d love to see your versions! We’ve been working to protect elephants from threats such as illegal wildlife, habitat destruction and poaching – but we need you to #GiveAHandToWidlife and help us put the spotlight on these threats.

The rainforest in Borneo has depleted by half, leaving less habitat for the endangered orangutan

Standing tiger (Panthera tigris), India.
Standing tiger (Panthera tigris), India.

Who wouldn’t want to have a cute orangutan like this one painted onto their hand for a day? Did you know that we’ve been working with governments in Borneo to set up a network of protected areas and ensure the forest are sustainably managed? Show your support for the endangered orangutan this May and design your own hand monkey!

Griaffe hand Panda Hand tiger tshirt

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