Knit a zebra headband

zebraThis fabulous zebra head band with ears and fringe is worked in stockinette stitch, the most common of all stitch patterns, which is formed by alternating knit rows and purl rows.

Here are the abbreviations: k (knit), p (purl), sts (stitches)

You’ll need white and black yarn, appropriate size knitting needles in my case; I’ve chosen double knit and needles size 4.5mm.

You’ll be knitting one long strip, which will fit around your head, so around 50-55cm (circumference of head), and two smaller rectangular ones which will be the ears.  The rectangular headband is folded in half and stitched along the edges

Cast on 20 stitches with white yarn.  Knit one row knit and one row purl twice. Change to black yarn.  Knit two rows of knit.  Change to white again – this is the pattern, four rows in stockinette and two rows in knit.

Knit as long as you wish, so that it fits around your head – usually for a child around 52cm, for an adult  55cm.  Cast off.  Sew the short ends together and then sew the long sides together, so that you have a double thickness round headband.

Ears x 2: Cast on 12 stitches in white yarn and knit as pattern for headband.  When ear rectangles are about 20 cm, cast off.  Make another one.  Ear rectangles is then folded in half inside out, lengthways, and stitched along the sides, however at one end taper in to create the top of the ear shape.  Turn the ear right way outside in.  There will be some excess knitted rectangle which will give extra filling for ears.  Repeat for second ear.

Sew ears onto the headband at the front with about 6 cm space between them.

Fringe:  Cut off 16 lengths of black wool, about 15cm long, fold each of these in half and hook them into the space between the two ears.  Trim fringe to the length you’d like.

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