The Magical Animal A to Z – Performed by Harry & Chris

Performance poet Harry Bake and jazz musician Chris Read are currently touring the UK as Harry & Chris, ‘making comedy jazz rap a thing’. Combining melody, poetry, comedy, jazz and rap, the highly successful artists have worked together for over a decade, performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival just last year.

Showing their support, the musicians took time out of their busy schedules to write ‘The Magical Animal A-Z’ for Wear It Wild 2017. In less than 3 minutes the duo rap their animal inspired poem, crafting a catchy tune for WWF’s annual event.

From an acupunctured armadillo acting as a porcupine – to an urchin chillin’ in a chinchilla suit, Harry & Chris use their lyrical talent to cover a full alphabet of animals, creating vivid imagery and inspiring several costume ideas for #WearItWild!

The wonderful Harry & Chris have sung it wild for WWF… Watch the magic happen and follow the link HERE for the full video.

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